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In its purest form, latex is a milky white liquid that comes from the wood of ripe rubber when it is cut. In order to achieve optimum properties for use in mattresses, it is necessary to add the synthetic material to the latex, because the hay thus becomes much more comfortable and durable.

When it is said that the mattress of 100% latex is true, it is entirely made of rubber particles irrespective of whether it is obtained directly from the wood of the rubber or made by a human in the laboratory by copying the natural process. It is possible to make 100% natural latex, but its properties are no longer as good as in the mixture.

Latex mattresses fall into more expensive mattress types due to much higher cost of production than any other type of sponge, but it has numerous advantages over them, and especially much longer durability.

Basic advantages of latex for use in mattresses:

Orthopedic support of the body, i.e. body adaptation

Latex is a naturally adaptable material and provides optimal orthopedic support to the body in all positions during sleep.

Uniform pressure distribution

Due to the advantages of latex that it adapts perfectly to the body, it reduces the pressure points (shoulder, hips and knees) and thus greatly reduces the rotation and twitching of the body during sleep, i.e., she sleeps much more peacefully.

Great flexibility

Different hardness zones, achieved by a three-dimensional cell structure, are made with a special technology that provides sleepers, a permanent orthopedic support for the spine and the relaxation of all muscles. Foam latex is distinguished by its high elasticity, thanks to which it regains its shape after constant and long-lasting deformations, which ensures longevity. Because of its extreme flexibility, the latex mattresses are excellent for use on elastic surfaces with a motor that can be moved from the lying to the sitting position in several joints. Precisely because it is produced on the basis of rubber, latex has much greater elasticity and durability than other spanners. The tire has the characteristic that it can stretch, but also quickly return to its original shape.

Anti-allergic material

Tests have shown that latex is three times more resistant to mites than other materials, and various types of bacteria can not generally survive in latex.


Since this material has a network of vertical and horizontal air ducts, excellent ventilation of mattresses is ensured, and such characteristics enable us to heat at the same time in the winter, but also cool the flights.


Although it is considered a type of sponge, latex is made of rubber, i.e., types of rubber, not polyurethane, i.e. plastic is much longer.

Ecological material

No harmful chemicals are used in the production of latex.

In this mattress, the six-threaded spring is “fed” even smoother and more elastic, with a larger retraction reaction. It therefore provides a particularly comfortable comfort. The spring stroke is the heart of the long-elastic spring Bonn ell. Each single spring is doubled, which means that the 2.2 mm steel wire remains permanently elastic and thus protected from fracture. Recognizing the progressive force of the spring, Bonn ell’s spring core “fed” reacts softly at first, and with increasing loads harder. Thus, they adapt in an ideal way to the human body.

In this way, the body is perfectly anatomically supported, which means it cannot be tattered but maintained in an ideal position. In these mattresses, coatings and sunglasses were used. This comfortable, soft or solid lining is ideal for the necessary air circulation. It absorbs moisture and removes it during bed movement. Bearing characteristics are high strength.

Wire cores are packed in bales, whereby the eases of easier transport in one bale are packed in 10 pieces of wire cores. Find more information at Sleepjunkie when you want to get educated.