What type of mattress to use to avoid back pain? October 25, 2018 December 27, 2018 Josue

Waking up with back pain and getting frustrated is a feeling that, unfortunately, many people experience. The first thing we have is to blame the mattress. But really, do we know how to choose a good mattress adapted to our needs so as not to have back pain?

  1. Latex, spring or foam this does not matter so much

What you have to look at are rather their intrinsic qualities, without neglecting that the comfort of the mattress has much to do with its base. It is already a good mattress if it will always be firm and uniform to optimize the quality of the mattress. Attention! A mattress with the sheets placed very close together will have the advantage of better adapting to the shapes and weight of the body. This will undoubtedly help prevent back pain.

  1. Test the mattress in the store

When choosing it, a golden rule is to try it by moving around as if in your bed with a pillow. It is impossible to get an idea in a short time, but you will notice certain nuances.

Another tip is to first try the best mattress in the store and continue testing them all lowering in quality. You will realize the just level that your back needs between firmness and fluffy to sleep at ease all night. In addition, your back will notice the changes and will adapt to show you which are best for you.

  1. Firmness: neither too soft nor too hard.

You will find suggestions which sleepjunkie has madeon beds that are firm, soft or ergonomic. There is not yet an ideal type of mattress for everyone.

The idea is that a hard mattress is good for preventing back pain or placing a wooden board between the mattresses and is unfounded. It is the same outdated idea to recommend swimming for all those who have contractures or back strain. We are different, and a rather individual recommendation will be the key to preventing back pain.

As a general rule, we as chiropractors recommend a firm but not hard mattress because you can always adapt it if it does not suit you perfectly by adding a finite mattress overlay that makes it softer while a soft mattress will always be soft.

  1. Comfort: look for something fluffy

Have the first impression of comfort with a fluffy feeling at the same time and the second impression of endurance and support of the back and of all the parts of the body especially in pressure areas such as the shoulders, buttocks, ankles, and feet.

  1. Temperature control

It is a parameter in which we think very little, but it is important because the mattress must allow adequate regulation of body temperature to ensure a recovery sleep. If we spend too much heat, sweat and sleep poorly, the threshold of back pain is modified. It also happens if we are cold. Natural materials such as wool and cotton favor a better heat exchange. In addition, if we live in a warm place the spring mattress ventilates better and is cooler; On the contrary, if you are cold, viscoelastic, latex or foam help to keep the heat.